Vegan Finance Webinar #1

From Animal-Welfare Awareness to Vegan Finance

 June 18, 2021


TITLE: From Animal-Welfare Awareness to Vegan Finance

DATE: Friday, June 18, 2021

HOUR: 13:00-16:15 (Paris time)

PLACE: Online via Zoom 

ORGANIZER: Véronique Buisson, ESSEC Professor of Finance

The first ESSEC Vegan Finance Webinar introduces the integration of animal welfare and veganism in finance

The following topics will be addressed: definition of veganism, importance of the vegan market, vegan ratings, vegan consulting, inclusion of animal-welfare in ESG, animal-welfare financing, impact investing with vegan active funds and vegan ETFs.

Louisianna Waring

David Pannell

Van Dinh Tran

Olivia Blanchard

Robert Boer 


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Claire Smith